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Cowboy and Company an antique coffee shop from the old west has opened its doors to the residents of Olds and area.  Once inside it’s hard to leave, the décor is graced with an authentic 1876 nickelodeon that rings out old memories of days gone by and your coffee spews out from a turn of the century espresso machine that dominated the old west.   Six blends of custom roasted coffee and over twenty blends of flavored. Home cooked baked goods, fudge and Rogers Chocolates a taste to remember.  As  you relax and enjoy the atmosphere, art work and days gone by western music of the eighteen hundreds only to be interrupted by an antique cash register, cha-ching.  Stepping into the past is what Cowboy and Company is about, come in and experience it, after all you may find it hard to leave. Open nine to five each day except Sunday.

Cowboy & co.
coffee cafe

5111—48 Street Olds, Alberta, Canada

Open 9-5 Weekdays Closed Sunday